The North American Crappie TV Series has been filmed in high quality digital format, which gives the highest quality that can be achieved. From production to editing, North American Crappie can give your company that professional image in our show, you can view it online over the web at The Sportsman Channel or get it at the times below if you are getting T.S.C. 

Sunday 2:30PM CST/ 3:30PM ET

Monday 5:30AM CST/ 6:30AM ET

Tuesday 1:30AM CST/ 2:30AM ET

Wednesday 8:00AM CST/ 9:00AM ET

Friday 5:30PM CST/ 6:30PM ET

The North American Crappie Angler TV Series goal is to market sponsor products to over the 30 million pan fishermen of North America and teach the everyday angler how to be more successful with his time on the water. These anglers also hunt and use every kind of product know. We offer our National Sponsors of the show an affordable rate to promote and advertise their products. The TV series has aired in the Mid South area on Cox Cable channel 14 out of Jonesboro, AR. that reaches N. E. Arkansas into about 250,000 homes. The show has built a large viewing audience, the response from the anglers was, that it was about time someone had a crappie fishing show for the sport they love. With over 30 million anglers that love this sport we have a specialty market that has not been tapped at all, giving us an excellent return for the sponsor to these anglers. These anglers use every kind of product know to man and are everyday people, they love to hunt and fish which gives the sponsors, no matter what the product is a golden opportunity to a new fresh market to make these anglers aware of their product line.

The Show will be on aired three times a week on The Sportsman´┐Żs Channel, which at this time reaches 1100 cities, and into 11 million homes across North American. The Sportsman Channel is Hunting and Fishing only 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our show would air 1-primetime spot per week and 2 other spots per week, giving you the Sponsor 156 spots on National coverage per year and to over 11 million households. E-mail us for a cost break down at for a full 52 week sponsorship with NACA TV Series, you will surprised how affordable it really is. 

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